Yamaha Tyros 5 Digital Workstation.   A leading piece of musical wizardry to provide a full range of instruments and effects.  The keyboard has to be programmed for each of our songs to provide the correct percussion, base, and rhythm instruments along with an appropriate tempo, but once it is up and running, the effect is startling. Many people have commented on how real the backing sounds and yet it is all controlled by the one player.  An excellent instrument for a duo band.




Squire Silver Series StratocasterThe Strat has that distinctive sound found in so many songs and is uniquely identified for playing those lead breaks that we love to hear.  The Squire Silver Series was a batch produced in cooperation with Fender to break into the lower priced guitar market but the result was a terrific guitar at a very reasonable price.  Stephen prefers the Squire Strat for its clean rich sounds and spacious curved fret board.  It is also much lighter than a Fender so it is better for Stephen poor aching back !!




Rockburn Les PaulThe Les Paul has a fruitier sound than the strat but it has the advantage of a shorter fret board and an extra fret.  This means that some of the things that are quite a stretch to play on the Strat are much easier to achieve with the Les Paul.  Many of the lead breaks from the Eagles can only be properly performed on the Les Paul due to its smaller fret layout.


A new addition to the guitar range is the Tanglewood TSB59 semi acoustic guitar featuring Humbucker pickups for reduced hum and interference, plus a 22 fret neck (ideal for playing Eagles riffs).  The light weight of the semi acoustic is also a pleasant relief from solid body guitars.



FENDER FM 212R 100W Guitar Amp.  A lovely clean amplifier to live up to the sounds of the Stratocaster.  The Amp has 2 input channels with Normal, Drive and Overdrive settings controlled by a foot pedal or switched on the Amp.  A spring reverb unit adds colour to the sound and the 2 internal 12inch speakers give out clean undistorted outputs whatever the volume setting.



Yamaha STAGEPAS 300
.  This is a 75 watts per channel PA system with an integrated mixer/amplified and 2 speakers.  The system is ideal for providing a rich sound environment especially in smaller rooms. 






SubZero 300 watts per channel active speakers (on stands) provide outstanding extra horsepower for bigger events and for outdoor performance.





Ancillary Equipment:


 Zoom G1XN EXT Guitar Effects pedal
Provides a stunning range of effects to make your guitar sound just like it needs to for any style of music.



ProFX12V2  Mackie Professional 12 channel Mixer with built in effects.  Provides 4 mono channels for mic or instruments with insert options plus a Hi impedance input in Channel 1 for connecting guitar directly to the mixer plus 4 stereo channels (2 with mic input capability).  Outputs are from TR 1/4 inch jacks on the front panel or from XLR sockets at the rear.  Mic inputs all have individual gain control and every channel can be fed to the FX and to the Aux (Monitor) channel.  Footswitch control mutes the FX output and a single mute switch quiets all channels.  Tape input and output as well as phones socket provides linkage for standard studio equipment and the rear USB socket supports direct recording to PC.




Beringer XENYX 802 Audio 2 Bus mixer. 
Provides 2x Mic preamps and 2 instrument channels with full equalizer controls and a separate effects feedback loop.  Also provides 2-Track input and output ports and Control Room phones output.




REIKER AT350 Dynamic Microphones.
  This mic gives a great dynamic acoustic range without losing sensitivity at the top and bottom ends of the audio spectrum.



TAKSTAR WPM 200.  In order to perform well, it is essential that you can actually hear what you are playing.  The TAKSTAR Earphone monitor comprises a 6 Channel UHF transmitter and portable receiver(s).  Plug the transmitter into your monitor circuit and then just wear a handy receiver and a pair of earbugs to be able to hear what's going out on your Amp.  No need for those big clumsy monitor speakers in front of your feet anymore.